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Reg Kielty's history as a singer/songwriter goes back to the 1970's and illustrates a long term commitment to the love of the art. From Irish immigrant heritage but raised in the  North of England, the Irish and Celtic cultural and musical spirit are an ever abiding travelling companion. In this great tradition he has continued to work with a range of talented musicians who collaboratively bring something different to the table. Major diverse influences too have played their part across the decades from early 60’s / 70’s British, Irish and American rock and contemporary artists through the heady days of 70’s rock glam and punk, electronica and onto the great narrative songwriters. Travelling extensively throughout the world and having lived in 3 separate continents have provided a greater songwriting palette to draw inspiration from. As a frontman and vocalist Reg Kielty led several bands in the past  with a primary focus on anthemic melody, lyrical imagery and theatricality. Today he continues to write and collaborate as part of the studio band "TRUE NORTH" based in central Lancashire.
Reg Kielty is a member of PRS for Music and PPL (Phonographic Performance Ltd)

Reg Kielty

Cliff Ovenden

Cliff Ovenden has one of the best musical reputations going and suffice to say he has earned it after working most of his life in music and music production. An exemplary guitar player who cut his teeth in mid '70's rock bands one of which was Rubi Lazer where he teamed up with Reg Kielty and began to write original material. One example is the song 'Midnight Show' which became an audience favourite but was never actually recorded back in the day. Many decades later this has now been rectified and has a new release in 2020. Originally from Surrey, Cliff decamped to Lancashire UK in his late teens joining a number of bands like 'Old Tennis Shoes' 'Rubi Lazer' and 'Crossfire'  before joining several outfits such as 'Kangaroo Alley / The Helicopters in the South and then basing himself in London where he formed an integral part of Spiral Music. Cliff has made a number of TV appearances  on The Jools Holland Show, and with Gabrielle and Suggs on Top of the Pops. He continues to produce and play high class music from his base in North London and makes an invaluable contribution to the studio band 'True North' and to the Regal Songs Team.


Karl Davies

If world renowned drummer Buddy Rich who said "You only get better by playing" was correct, then Karl Davies is one sure example. In terms of experience in charge of the proverbial 'engine room' behind the band, there can be few with his record. Local outfits in the past have included:   Old Tennis Shoes,   The John Bevan Band,

Crossfire, Dance Factory, BlueMuzet, Bob Johnson & the Bobcats and more recently Red Moon Joe. Other bands include Feet First and Zoro in Norwich and Fleur de Lune in France. Musical influences are too numerous to mention but as Karl states; "Everything with a beat!!"  Highly regarded by his peers and musical mates the "rhythm meister" plays a reliable hand.

Favouite drummers:  SteveGadd: Will Kennedy; Jack DeJohnette, JohnBonham, Simon Phillips, Buddy Rich, Benny Greb, Tony Williams, Vinnie Colaiuta and Bernard Purdie among many others. 

True North represents a significant reunion with Cliff Ovenden, the pair having played together in several bands in the past.

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Norm Helm

Regal Songs are happy to welcome on board one of the most in demand bass players in the North West of England. Norm Helm has played as a member of jazz fusion guitarist Gary Boyle’s Band as well as working with many of the local area jazz greats such as sax legend Harold Salisbury, renowned drummers Paul Burgess (10CC), and Phil Eaves, and guitar afficiado Lee Wharton.

Not only a great jazz player he is well versed in blues and rock styles and brings a versatility hard to match.

“…….. soul searching funky in your face bass guitar a brilliant musician who goes by the name of Norman Helm, and he is not too shabby as a backing vocalist to John (Morana - Midnite Johnny band ) either”. Keith Blackledge – Music Reviewer for the North West of England

Neil Arkwright

Experienced ax man Neil Arkwright is another musician with North West English roots now basing himself between his homes in Lancashire and the magnificent Scottish Highlands. Neil’s  love of music and bands began in the early 1970s with that decade providing an unprecedented amount of fantastic source material from so many genres that came to influence him creatively. When Neil first started playing guitar he was struck by the unbridled energy of the Punk scene but also by the classic rock bands from the UK, USA and Australia which came to dominate the live music scene.Thin Lizzy, AC/DC and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers are just a few among many.
He has worked with Reg Kielty over a period of 20 years both writing and performing original songs and covers, and maintains there is a kind of unfinished business yet to be consolidated in terms of this songwriting collaboration. Regal Songs and the 'True North' project promise to deliver on this notion.